#38 H2 View In Conversation With… Johnson Matthey

In Conversation With… Johnson Matthey

H2 View will talk all things fuel cells with Johnson Matthey’s Managing Director of Fuel Cells, Jo Godden, on Wednesday November 10.

The British business has been active in fuel cells for almost 200 years, supplying the platinum when William Grove first demonstrated a fuel cell in 1839. In the 1960s, Johnson Matthey supplied the electrocatalysts during the Apollo space missions. More recently, Johnson Matthey was the first company to commit to a dedicated MEA manufacturing site, which is based in Swindon, UK.

Tune in at 2.30pm GMT to hear more about this as well as insight into Johnson Matthey’s new Hydrogen Technologies business.

Going Live November 10th

Joanna Sampson


Editor, H2 View

Jo Godden

Managing Director, Fuel Cells

Johnson Matthey