#44 Hydrogen: Mobility Pillar Special

Hydrogen: Mobility Pillar Special

Going Live 8th April 2022 | 14:30 (BST)


Join Host Rob Cockerill & 513 other industry professionals for the Live Webinar!


One of the most tangible, relatable and exciting applications for a future hydrogen society is mobility. Across road, rail, river and indeed our skies, hydrogen will undoubtedly be the fuel of the future for these different modes of transport.

But how quickly will we see that vision realised? What will it take? And what technology demands does this place on the innovators and experts in the hydrogen sector

Here in this Mobility Pillar Special from H2 View, we attempt to unpack all of these questions and much more besides, with a dedicated panel of hydrogen stakeholders.

Rob Cockerill


Global Managing Editor, gasworld

George Heynes


News Journalist, H2 View

Radiša Nunić

Director of Public Affairs for Hydrogen

Worthington Industries

Kristina Fløche Juelsgaard

European Director for Market Development


Wayne Leighty

Hydrogen Commercial Head, North America