CO2: Capturing Carbon Trends | Part 2

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Filmed Live 5th Feb

CO2: Capturing Carbon Trends


Part 2 of gasworld’s opening webinars series for 2021 continues the discussion and debate in the CO2 (carbon dioxide) business. 

Sponsored by Cold Jet and titled CO2: Capturing Carbon TrendsPart 2 of the series picks up with more of the conventional but nonetheless ‘hot’ talking points in the industry. 

After Part 1 set the scene with the topic on everyone’s lips in early 2021, dry ice demand and Covid-19 vaccines, here in Part 2 we look at wider market drivers and opportunities for those in the CO2 sector – not least, the challenges and opportunities in deep decarbonisation and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS). 

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Your Host & Guest Speakers

Rob Cockerill


Global Managing Editor, gasworld

Patti Clarkson

Analox Americas


Scott Macadam, PhD

GTI Institute

Engineer, Energy Supply & Conversion

Stephen B. Harrison


Managing Director