CO2: Use it, Don’t Lose it and Monitor, Part 2

CO2: Use It, Don’t Lose It and Monitor, Part 2


The business of carbon dioxide (CO2) continues to gain prominence like never before. Growing usage and applications are just one element of this elevated status; at the same time, there is an even bigger and ever-increasing focus on CO2 capture and reuse, for environmental purposes as much as security of the supply chain.

All of which means the onus is also on safety. More opportunities, more transportation and handling of CO2, and more new working environments for CO2 mean more risk and requirements for monitoring and safety equipment.

As we look to use it instead of lose it more than ever before, gasworld presents a two-part webinar series exploring the expanding CO2 business and how to stay safe within it.

Rob Cockerill


Global Managing Editor, gasworld

Jesper Holmgaard

Sales Director


Chris Carson


Carbonic Solutions

Alfonso Peschiera

Global Product Manager for High Pressure Gases and Service

Atlas Copco

Going Live JULY 30 14:30 (GMT)