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At CO2Meter, our mission is to provide best-in-class gas detection, monitoring, and analysis solutions, while ensuring the safety, education, and long-term business of our partners and customers worldwide.” – CEO, Travis Lenander

CO2Meter is identified as a ”leading source” for gas detection, monitoring, and analytical solutions. Since 2006, CO2Meter continues to work diligently to utilize the latest, proven gas sensing technologies in order to solve the urgent needs of partners, customers, and professionals across the industry.

By providing unique, high-quality, detection devices, analyzers, and sensors; CO2Meter strives in each customer interaction to provide education about gas detection and monitoring, and to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public.

CO2Meter has been providing high-quality, trusted, and reliable gas sensing solutions for over a decade. And, have earned that reputation because of their business model in continuing to evolve, learn, and grow to better serve customers across the globe. Customer and partner input have also both been influential in adopting new technology and continuing to lay a solid foundation in which they can develop long-lasting business relationships and cement CO2Meter as a true leader in the space.

Our business partnerships include various Fortune 500 companies and establishments across restaurant, beverage, brewing, agriculture, indoor air quality, scientific, incubation, industrial, welding and safety markets.

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