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Are you looking for a platform to discuss your latest product or major company announcement? Do you have a new technology or innovation you’d like to reach a specific target audience? Introducing a new format of promotional webinar format puts your business in the hot seat with’s hosts and growing, engaged audience.



  • Exclusivity: One-on-one format with hosts, including option for interactive and moderated Q&A
  • Flexibility: Ability to be hosted live or pre-recorded, ensuring your webinar fits seamlessly into your business schedule, accommodating time zones and other logistical considerations
  • Extra brand exposure: Advertising video played to the engaged audience during the webinar that can include your brand messaging
  • Data sets: Receive opted-in registrants’ data after the live stream of the webinar
  • Increased visibility: Promotion across our social media channels, email marketing and news coverage on


  • Pre-qualified target audience: Whether you’re targeting professionals in the gas industry, potential clients, or investors, this platform ensures your message reaches the right people
  • Lead generation: Essential information from data capture form of those signed up and genuinely interested in the webinar topic, making them high-quality leads
  • Brand visibility: Position your company as an industry thought leader, using our platform to discuss your latest product, major announcements, or cutting-edge innovations, you demonstrate expertise and gain credibility among your target audience


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