Hydrogen Building Blocks: Module 4

Technologies for Green Ammonia

Technologies for Green Ammonia 

For several years, attention has focused on green hydrogen as a clean energy vector. Produced on electrolysers from renewable electrical power generated by wind, solar or hydro schemes, green hydrogen is regarded as a fuel with a very low-carbon footprint.    Yet, the conversion of green hydrogen to green ammonia has been an established concept for many decades, and green ammonia has firmly entered the conversation in recent years for both its clean fuel potential and its readily-available infrastructure.  Ammonia is readily liquefied and as a liquid it has a high volumetric energy density, about 50% higher than liquid hydrogen. The savings in shipping costs of liquid ammonia, compared to liquid hydrogen mean that CAPEX and OPEX savings from the shipping operation can be routed to the ammonia conversion facility. For long distances, such as the Australia to Europe route, liquid ammonia is considered the most cost-effective mode of green hydrogen transportation.  There is also the same historic motivation to produce green ammonia at an applications level: to generate nitrogen fertilisers, a use case that will endure.  How, then, is ammonia produced and what are the pathways to green ammonia now and in the future?  In this module from Class of H2, learn all about: 

  • The different technologies behind ammonia production, from thermochemical and electrochemical to renewable feedstocks 
  • The conversion of hydrogen to ammonia at the production location 
  • Energy-efficient production of green ammonia 
  • Using green electrons to optimise project economics with green ammonia 
  • How your business can make successful integration of green ammonia technologies and projects. 

When and where: Wednesday 13th March 2024 (PM Session)

You can expect:

  • 90 minutes masterclass on the topic from a recognised trainer
  • 30 minutes audience Q&A per module (moderated)
  • Diagrams, images and data-graphics to enrich the experience
  • PDF slide deck of module provided to all participants, post-session
  • Available on-demand as a recording of the live session
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Guest Speakers
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Stephen B. Harrison
Founder and Managing Director
sbh4 Consulting
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Rob Cockerill
Content Director
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