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Road Mobility

One of the biggest and most tangible applications for hydrogen remains mobility, but what will it really take to make this a wide-reaching reality. 

In this H2 View webinar, we take a look at on the road mobility, from cars to trucks, and everything in between.  

  • What needs to happen in the short and near-term future? 
  • How do we wean ourselves off fossil fuels and transition towards a hydrogen fuelled future? 
  • What are the key technologies powering this industry? 

 Join H2 View and our panel of industry experts for this engaging journey filled with insight and discussion, and get your questions answered in our audience Q&A.

Guest Speakers
Your webinar hosts
picture of the speaker Rob Cockerill
Rob Cockerill
Content Director
gasworld, H2 View
picture of the speaker Thomas Dee
Thomas Dee
Broadcast Journalist